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Damaged, degraded and poorly installed guttering can all lead to considerable damage to your property over time.  Any of these issues can lead to the wall of your home developing damp after rainfall and, in time, suffering from structural issues.

We are experts at installing UPVC gutters and downpipes and can provide customers with items such as covers for the guttering, guards and guttering filter systems which will help prevent blockages.


We can repair your existing broken guttering, replace sections with new guttering, or install an entirely new guttering system depending on your needs.


We recommend UPVC fascias and soffits as they are tough, weatherproof, easier to clean and available in a choice of finishes; white, mahogany, golden oak and black.  

Adding a fresh roofline can be like a facelift to the outside of the house, instantly providing a clean and modern look whether it’s a first installation or a replacement of an old system. Classic white PVC still rules the market but new options coming onto the market offer profiles designed to look like mahogany, oak, rosewood and plain black.

There are many benefits to having UPVC fascias and soffits, including their easy maintenance and resistance to pollutants, vermin and insect attack.

They don’t peel, crack or warp and will instantly improve the look of your home. Call TC Home Improvements Ltd via our contact page to find out more.


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