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A traditional felt roof is a flat roof surface that is built up using a wooden base and adding 2-3 layers of bitumous felt.  These are then bonded together with heated bitumen and are subject to a finishing top coat that provdes both and attractive surface whilst helping  protect the new roof from the elements. This type of roof forms a dense and impermeable barrier to the elements.

We offer complete rebuild or a repair service.

Felt benefits

Reusable Material.

Mechanically fixed.

Highly durable.

Particularly resistance to UV light.

Resistance to ozone.

Does not pollute rainwater run-off.


EPDM is an extremely durable synthetic rubber roofing membrane  (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) widely used in low-slope buildings in the UK and worldwide. Its two primary ingredients, ethylene and propylene, are derived from oil and natural gas.

EPDM is available in both black and white, and is sold a broad variety of widths, ranging from 7.5 feet to fifty feet, and in two thicknesses, 45 and 60 mils. EPDM can be installed either fully adhered, mechanically attached or ballasted, with the seams of the roofing system sealed with liquid adhesives or specially formulated tap

Rubber benefits

  • Traditional appearance

  • Time proven design

  • Waterproof

  • Readily available

  • Durable materials used as standard

  • Range of finishes to choose

  • Can be suited for foot-traffic

  • Suitable for intricate detail and complex shaping


These well-proven tough resins are the ideal economic solution for all GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) flat roofing problems - from garages to extensions, and from valley gutters to balconies.

Replacing the traditional Felt roofing surface with a modern and hard wearing fibreglass matting & resin system, this product has been a bench-mark through the industry for many years, these resins continue to be a successful market leader & in our experience rightly so.



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