Driveway sealing


Make your driveway look like new this year and keep it protected from the harmful elements by choosing TC Homeimprovements Ltd for all your driveway maintenance needs.  We apply a premium Polymer Modified Asphalt Emulsion sealer that dries to a deep black, brown or red matte finish.

 Polymer modification and special additives greatly enhance fuel, oil and chemical resistance.  Protecting your driveway will not only extend the parking life of the asphalt, but will make your driveway or surface look like new.


  1. Replaces lost resins (Reduces Cracking)

  2. Restores lost colour

  3. increases lifespan of Tarmac and Asphalt

  4. Covers stains and spillages

  5. Very hard wearing

  6. Easy to apply

Untreated problems

  • Cracking

  • loss of colour

  • "Fretting" of stones

  • Unsightly stains

  • Algae and Moss

  • Edges Breaking

  • Pot Holes


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